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Sex Blog — Easy Sex: Dita Von Teese Talks Easy Sex

Click - View My Pics April 1st, 2015

The sexy pin-up star answers our burning questions.

Photo Blog — Photo Blog: Girls: Show Us Your “M”

Click - View My Pics March 31st, 2015

Send me a photo like this and show your Maxim spirit! (Or your Microsoft spirit—we won’t know the difference.)

CEO Secrets

Click - View My Pics March 30th, 2015

Unless you were born a Hilton, you have to earn your way to greatness in the business world. That’s why we’ve asked several CEOs to show you what it takes to turn your great idea into business gold.

Maxim Entertainment : Best Boozing Movies

Click - View My Pics March 29th, 2015

Nothing makes you question your sobriety more than loudmouth drunks slurring it up on the big screen. To these masterworks of boozerific cinema, we raise our glasses.

Maxim Slideshows — Meat or Malady?

Click - View My Pics March 28th, 2015

Think you can tell the difference between your favorite slab of meat and a flesh rotting disease.


Click - View My Pics March 20th, 2015

You’re online and on the pussy hunt! Me too, but I’m hunting for cock! I have big DD natural sweet boobs that I really love showing off. I can be very nice to someone that is nice to me. I’ll make your day much better because I know what a man likes and wants and I’m very willing to give all I’ve got to make you smile. If you’re into older women because for one thing they don’t waste your time and been around enough to know what you want. I’m a hot lady and I’m ready to show you all. So all you got to do is come into my room I’m ready and willing. I have the knowledge and know how because I’ve been there and done that and its all good!

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Can you believe I just turned forty years old… Don’t I look great for my age? Why not let an older woman, one with experience show you how good it can be. I don’t care about your age or your looks, I’m here for a horny guy and as long as you can get hard, I’ll love you. I think what they say is true about a women reaching their sexual peak at my age. I can’t seem to get enough and my hubby just isn’t up to keeping up with me. So while the hubby is away, this wife is gonna play. If you think you can keep up, and I mean this for real then come pay me a visit. I can guarantee that when you leave me you will be satisfied.

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So when it comes to sex, I love to satisfy a man’s most intimate desires. I’ve pretty much seen it all and done it all so I want to do it for you. I love to know that a man is pleasuring himself with the thoughts of touching me, licking me, and fucking me. You’re going to need big hands to wrap around my nice full boobs. I want you to tell me what you would like to do to me. I want to hear it because it makes me so hot and gives me pleasure. The hotter I am the more I want to do for you. I want to show you how wet you make me. Watch me as I spread my legs wide and put my cam up close and watch me cum for you. Let me give you all the pleasure you deserve.

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Some girls enjoy sex more than others do, and I’m one of them. When I have spare time and I have the “need” you’ll find me here looking for satisfaction. Can never seem to get enough of being on my cam. Seems the more sex I get the more I want. You’ll find me pretty laid back and open to any suggestions you have. I like crazy and kinky things too so all you have to do is let me know and I’m going to do my damn best to give you all you want. I give the best because I want you to come back to see me again so I gotta be good at what I’m doing. I’m here to make all your wishes come true. To do for you what the other girls won’t, try me out and see.

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What’s up guy? Thanks for stopping by and checking my sexy self out. Do you like what you see so far? Come into my private room and let me really show all of the rest of me. I love sex and I’d sure love to show off my very hot body to you. As long as you’re a nice guy I will do pretty much anything you ask me too. When you leave happy, I’m also happy. I’m not looking for love right now, just fun and lots of sex. I’m single by choice and the only bad part of that is not getting any sex, but being on my cam really helps me out. So come on in and give me some love and let me give you some in return! I’m told I’m pretty damn good at what I do!

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So how many girls you gonna look at before you pick me Why not just stop wasting your time and get your ass in here already. You know you have a real chance of missing out on me if you wait too long. So one else will get to me first! You don’t want to miss this hot and very sexy body of mine. I’m not a girl who will waste your time. I’m horny and I’m only on here when I’m horny. So I like to get busy when someone comes into private right away. I’m not shy and if you are then just lean back and watch… or you can tell me what you would like to see me do. Believe me I’ll do just about anything for you. I’m a pleaser and not a teaser.

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Sex makes the world go round… so come on in here and let me take you for a spin!! I can really turn on my charms and take you to the moon! Okay, I’m being kind of silly but the thing is, I want you to come in here. See how charming I can be? I’ll be waiting for you in the nude even, I like the “wow” factor. Come in and let me spread my legs wide, and put my cam up close. I want you to see everything. Hey, I got a nice smooth shaved twat and its worth looking at up close. I also have nice boobs and a round butt that was made for anal. I’m a sex addict and proud of it. I love to masturbate when a hot and horny guy like you is watching.

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I’m a single girl waiting for Mr. Right to come into my life. Yes guys, I’m single and looking. In the meantime, I want to masturbate with a lot of Mr. Wrong’s! Are you curious enough to explore my intimate thoughts, to discover my many female mysteries together? To penetrate every inch of my body with your erotic fantasies, to take me to the highest plateau of pleasure? I am more than willing to do all of that and more for you. I want to make your sexual experience with me the best ever. Whisper to me all of your desires, tell me what you’d like me to do for you. I am here to please you and make you leave me happy. Come in please.

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Come to my room and you’ll leave with a big smile on your face! I want to show you all of me are you interested in having a peek? I’m even going to be very willing to do some very naughty things for you if you too. I have a lot of toys and well, I guess I am just a very naughty and horny girl. I had a boyfriend but he wasn’t too into what I was doing here so I said fuck you and now I’m looking for someone that understands my needs. I am a highly sexual girl and sex is a very big part of my life. If you wanna come in for a private chat I promise you that I will not leave you unsatisfied. I always aim to please and I will you too.

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You ready to take a chance on me. Lets take a ride on the wild side? A little adventure, makes for a lot of fun. If you are a scared of adventure, then having a private chat with me might be more than your cock can handle. I am a naughty girl, I admit that. I love to perform in front of the cam for you. I love knowing you are watching me. It makes my pussy wet with juices, and that makes me want to shove my toys in as far as I can. If you make me really hot I will use my double headed dildo for you. Mmmmm, the feel of that in my tight ass is making me wet just thinking about it. Come on in and lets get the juices flowing.

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Have a rough day? Would you like to just sit back and relax and chill with me for a little bit? I can take your mind off anything that might be troubling you. I’m here to show you a good time and make all the worlds care go away for just a little bit. Why not grab yourself a drink and join me. Just me and you in my cam room. I’ll give you plenty of attention and you can watch me get all wild and sexy for you. Watch me as I strip out of my clothes and spread my legs wide open. I’ll give you a real good close up shot as you watch me with my toys. Sliding them into my wet bald pussy. I have a good body and I want to share.

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Hi, come on in and let a nice and very sexy girl take care of you. Don’t you think you deserve it? I mean how much do you do for everyone else, right? It’s time to do something just for you. I’m the girl that can do things for you that you deserve. I love to take care of guys like you, guys that need a break and give them some things I know that they will like and deserve. I’ll make you feel good all over. I’m not shy at all so if you feel shy its okay, I know what guys need and like and you can just sit back and watch me do the things you like. All for just you! Watch me get naked and play with my toys. You ready?

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