Hey, hi there! I’m 19 years old and my name is Cherie. I’m a blonde with short hair, blue eyes, and I’m about 5’6. I’m a passionate girl and very much into my life on cams. I find it fun and very exciting to be on here. I meet some really great guys and well… some pretty strange ones at times too lol. But hey you gotta take the good with the not so good right? I have a pretty nice body, I work at keeping it nice and trim and stay in shape. My boobs aren’t the biggest but they are real and I’m sure enough to keep you satisfied. I’m into fantasy, dildo’s and kinky things too. I love sex and being able to satisfy you is very important to me. So don’t play shy in here with me, let me do what you need and what. I’m ready to play, are you? Come in and play with me now

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