Age is just a number right? Bullshit! I’m not the same person I was a 18, I’m so much sexier now at 40! Not to mention all the things I’ve learned about sex and how to please a man since then. Are you into older ladies? If not, maybe you should give me a chance, and I bet you will be back for more. You see I got lots of years of experience these younger chicks just can’t match. These are things you only learn as you age, like a fine wine. Like how to really satisfy a man, the proper way to suck a cock. I love to suck cock, I usually have my man sit in a chair so his balls fall freely. Then I kneel in between his legs, to get as close as possible…. wait, I am giving away my secrets!! I can’t do that. Come and see me in a private show and let me show you how good I can make you feel. One thing I didn’t mention to you is how great of shape I’m in. I got great boobs and tits that I know will please you. If you’re ready for a real woman then check me out!

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